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04. Approval of divorce in Portugal

Need to register your divorce in Portugal?

"It is the obligation of the Portuguese citizen to keep his 

marital status updated in your documentation".  


The process of acquiring Portuguese nationality often involves updating the marital status in the Portuguese registry of the interested party or their ascendants and/or spouse. This is what often happens with Brazilians who intend to acquire Portuguese citizenship.


In the case of divorces decreed abroad, especially in a country not belonging to the European Union, it is necessary to carry out the transcription of the same in the  central registry in order to be valid and effective in Portugal. However, this is an act that cannot be requested directly.  to the registry office, nor to the consulate of the applicant's residence district. It is necessary to proceed with the judicial approval of the foreign divorce, an act of competence of the Court of Appeal and can only be requested through representation by a lawyer duly qualified in Portugal. The same is true for divorces decreed within the European Union before March 1, 2001.


Only after recognition of the decision by the Court of Appeal can the divorce finally be registered with a Civil Registry Office.  Our services include the application and follow-up until the divorce transcript at the central registry office.

Our fees for the divorce approval service decreed abroad is € 780 (€ 635 + VAT) which can be paid in two installments of € 390.00 + VAT, the first being on contracting and the second on bringing the lawsuit. .


If you want to hire the foreign divorce approval service, you can do so by paying by bank transfer or paypal. In the case of a transfer, please send the proof to our email along with your full name and contact telephone number.  


Within a maximum period of one business day after receiving the proof, you will receive an email with a description of the documents we will need to proceed with the process.

Payment References:

Amount: €390.00

IBAN PT50 0018 000350233287020 43


Costa de Lisboa
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