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05. Tax Representation

Tax Representation in Portugal

NIF is the Tax Identification Number, in Portugal, similar to the CPF in Brazil and serves to identify the tax taxpayer in Portugal, whether national or foreign citizen, resident or not.


It is an essential document for many acts of life in Portugal, such as opening a bank account, buying or renting a property, applying for residence and entering into an employment or service contract, among other things.


For those who do not have tax residence in Portugal, it is necessary to appoint a tax representative residing in Portuguese territory.


From the request of the NIF Portugal, the resident or non-resident citizen in Portugal will be registered in the Portuguese Tax Administration database and with that have some obligations to fulfill.


Even for those who intend to immigrate and acquire residence in Portugal, at first it will be necessary to request the NIF through a representative. After six months living in Portugal, it is possible to go to Finance to change the tax address to the new fixed address. At first, official letters from Finance will be sent to the address of the tax representative.  


For those who do not reside in Portugal, but own property or investments, should not change their tax address to the country, under penalty of being double taxed. Once this change has been made, the Portuguese tax authority will understand that the person is a tax resident in Portugal, which will oblige him to declare income and render accounts. in Brazil and start making the Income Tax Declaration in Portugal, the so-called IRS.  


Tax representation in Portugal entails responsibilities, including:


  • Receive fees and taxes from the represented;

  • Make sure that your representative is aware of these obligations, deadlines and tax offenses resulting from non-compliance;

  • Comply with reporting obligations;

  • Ensure payment is made within the designated deadline.


Therefore, it is always recommended that the tax representative in Portugal is a lawyer or professional who understands the matter.


If you want to live in Portugal and need specialized advice for a visa or obtaining Portuguese nationality, please contact us.

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